Zigzag is the fast member of Pupzan's tribe.

New Zigzag
Zigzag, the quickest wolf of Pupzan's tribe.


20 dog years old
17 dog years old(2.4 human years old)(Three years ago)


Running, playing his horn and bongos, Pupzan, Beamer, Ollie, Soccer, reading




Lobo and Bolo(Friend)
Ollie(Best Friend)


Zigs(By his friends)


Zigzag is a brown wolf who wears a black shirt and a headband made from a vine. He has long legs and large feet to aid him in his running. He speaks with an Australian accent. Because of his long legs, he is the tallest member of Pupzan's tribe. Zigzag is no taller than TJ. After three years, Zigzag started wearing a purple vest, an orange cape, and green shorts.


Zigzag is the very symbol of speed. He moves, talks, thinks and acts fast. He enjoys the feel of the wind in his hair as he zoomes through the forest. He is also agile.

While he is not extremely smart like Digit, he is a quick thinker, which can help him out of a tight situation. He also mentions that when he was a cub, he used to get picked on for his long legs and big feet, but he fought back by making jokes about it.

He also enjoys playing his horn and bongos. He often accompanies his best friend, Ollie. Even though Zigzag insists he can walk, Ollie lets him sit on his shoulders. He is also called "Zigs" by his friends. Zigzag also likes reading.


Since Zigzag is granted with the highest agility in the tribe, he can run from continent to continent and back without breaking a sweat. He is also a good horn player an a good bongo player. With Pupzan's help, Zigzag has mastered the art of capoeira and uses his legs to fend off his enemies. With his quick thinking, Zigzag has the ability to come up with a solution to help his friends. Like Ollie, Zigzag is athletic and plays a good game of soccer. In addition, Zigzag can do a handstand for three weeks.



Zigzag is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs1018 and Disneydude15.

Zigzag was born in Sydney, Austrailia and grew up in Pupzan's jungle, which explains his Austrailian accent.

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