Zazu is a recurring character who appeared in two episodes of Season 1.

HNI 0029
Zazu(right) and Bright Eyes in The Fairy Dogmother


Using Magic, Bright Eyes


Fouling Up


Bright Eyes(Good Friend)

Voice Actress

Joan Gardner

Appeared In

The Fairy Dogmother and Happy Howlidays

Presumed Age

189 dog years old(27 human years old)


Zazu has Ecru-colored fur, angel wings, and Shamrock green ears. She is usually seen wearing a Plum dress with Thisle-colored cuffs on her sleeves and a Thisle-colored stripe on her dress. Zazu wears Plum Hennin with a golden crown and lavender veil on her head. She sometimes carries her wand. She also wears a red dog collar and gold bracelets around her wrists.


Zazu has an oddball and scatter-brained personality. She is sometimes forgetful what she was supposed to do. However, she was able to master her own magic to help Holly and the Pound Puppies.


Zazu's Arrival<The Fairy Dogmother>

When Bright Eyes wished upon the dog star, Zazu appeared before the Pound Puppies. Although she tried her best to help the Pound Puppies and Holly, her magic backfired. It was then that Zazu finally learned how to use her magic and help Holly and the Pound Puppies at the dance.

Persuading Katrina<Happy Howlidays>

After Holly makes her wish, Zazu appears again. This time, she helped the Pound Puppies by casting a spell on Katrina in order to make her reconsider about the puppy pound.


Zazu is never seen again for the remainder of the TV Series.

Joan Gardner, who provided the voice of Zazu, was known for providing voices for various characters, such as Tante Kringle in the 1970 Christmas Special, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Bonnie in the 1971 TV Special, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, and Tiny Tim in the 1962 Christmas Special, Mister Magoo's Christmas Special, before her death on December 10th, 1992.