Zara and Fritz are the descendants of Victoria.

Zara and Fritz
Zara and Fritz
Zara and Fritz, Victoria's descendants


Zara: 17 dog years old
Fritz: 10 dog years old


Each other, tea, oranges, chicken nuggets, cherry soda




Victoria, Momo, Arlington, Violet Vanderfeller, and Ruthven(Ancestors)
Bjorn, Steppenwolf, Venus, Derek, Ima, Antha, Jayden Jr., Jorge, Verde, Shiawase, Yorokobi, Yai, and Ethel(Friends)

Full Name

Zara and Fritz Vanderfeller


April 9th, 2683(Zara) and April 27th, 2690(Fritz)


Zara and Fritz are Maltese/Hokkaido mixes. Zara has light brown fur, short ears and a bushy tail. She wears a magenta kimono with daisy petal designs on it, black shorts and a white bow. She also keeps her dark hair in a ponytail and is the same height as Cooler. Fritz has white fur and bushy ears. He wears red overalls and a blue bandana on his head. He also has long, orange hair and is the same height as Momo.


While Zara is sociable and friendly, Fritz is timid and quiet. They both love each and are very protective of each other. While Zara fancies tea and oranges, Fritz loves eating chicken nuggets and cherry soda. They are respectful toward Victoria, Violet and Momo. Zara speaks in a British soprano accent. They both like listening to opera.


Zara and Fritz are talented with playing violins. Zara can also wield a sledgehammer. Zara can also cook while Fritz can swim.


Zara and Fritz are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Zara and Fritz are from London, United Kingdom and grew up in Olympia, Washington.

Their full names are Zara and Fritz Vanderfeller.

They are the descendants of Victoria and Arlington. Both inherited Arlington and Victoria's accents.

During their timeline, their ancestor, Victoria, became a librarian in the year 2700.

Zara's birthday is April 9th, 2683 and Fritz's birthday is April 27th, 2690.

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