Yang and Yin are the biological parents of Catgut, Ming, and Lee.

Yang and Yin
New Yin and Yang
Yang and his wife, Yin


Yang: 51 human years old
48 human years old(3.2 cat years old)(Three years ago)

Yin: 50 human years old
47 human years old(3.1 cat years old)(Three years ago)


Catgut, Ming, Lee, Pound Puppies, Pound Purries


Katrina Stoneheart


Sidney Bigelow(Owner)
Dr. Simon(Owner)
DJ and Faith Bigelow(Owners)
Catherine, Annie, Mikey, Yao, Ling, Po, Sakura, Catgut Jr., and Kefka(Grandchildren)

First Appearance

Big Brother Catgut


Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang three years ago

Yang and Yin are Siamese Cats with black paws and tan furs. Yang bears a slight resemblance to Catgut, only that he is skinnier. Yang wears a red suit, a black tie, blue pants, and glasses. He also has a bald spot on his head. Yin wears an aqua dress with pink sleeves and keeps her hair in a bun. After three years, Yang started to wear a red sweater and blue sweatpants while Yin started to wear an aqua shirt and pink pants.


Yang and Yin love their children very much. When they were reunited with their son, Catgut, they were overjoyed to see their long-lost son again. Like Catgut, they now hold a strong hatred against Katrina Stoneheart.


Like Catgut and Lee, Yang and Yin were martial artists in their younger days.


Yang and Yin are fan made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Yang and Yin were born in Lhasa, Tibet and were raised by their former owner, Raphael Corleone, in Poundsville.

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