Yai is the descendant of Yakima.

Yai, Yakima's descendant


14 dog years old


Harvesting, Outdoors, eating fresh grown fruits, horticulture, and vegetables


Working inside, onions, peaches


Yakima, Lassie McTerrier, Drumstick, Truffles, Yuki, Yannis, and Truffles(Ancestors)
Bjorn, Steppenwolf, Venus, Derek, Ima, Antha, Jayden Jr., Shiawase, Yorokobi, Zara, Fritz, and Ethel(Friends)

Full Name

Yai Marcy Williams


November 1st, 2985


Yai is a Pomeranian with white, bushy fur and tan feet. She wears a pink shirt, red overalls with mahogany buttons and a green bowtie. She also has blue and brown eyes, a blond ponytail and tufts on her cheeks. She is the same height as Howler. She sometimes wears a purple bonnet.


Yai is passionate and hardworking. She spends her time planting seeds to grow a garden of her own and watering plants as well as mowing the lawn. She is more fond of playing and working outside than doing so inside. She also enjoys crisp, breezy Autumn days. Her favorite is her fresh growned fruits and vegetables except for onions and peaches. She speaks in a mezzo-soprano voice. She is good friends with Serenity.


Despite her young age, Yai is currently studying biology, agriculture and horticulture. She can also play the sitar.


Yai is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Yai hails from Thimpu, Bhutan and grew up in Normal, Illinois.

Her full name is Yai Marcy Williams.

She is the descendant of Yakima and Truffles.

During her timeline, her ancestor, Yakima, owns a toy company in the year 2999.

Yai's birthday is November 1st, 2985.

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