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Wilbur and Odette are the biological parents of Whopper and Colette.

Wilbur and Odette
Whopper and Colette's Parents
Wilbur and his wife, Odette


Wilbur: 54 dog years old(7.7 human years old)
Odette: 49 dog years old(7 human years old)


Whopper and Colette


Boredom, those who try to hurt their children.


Colette(Eldest daughter)
Whopper(Youngest son)
Uncle JR(Odette's brother)
Tom and Rachel(Brother and Sister-in-Laws)
Ian and Ethan(Descendants)
Colin, Diamond, Eric, and Rhea(Grandchildren)


Wilbur is a Saint-Usage Spaniel with tan fur, brown ears, and brown marks around his eyes. He wears a yellow suit, red pants, and an orange tie. He also has brown hair. Odette is a Retriever with yellow fur and brown ears. She wears a pink dress. She also has dark hair.


Wilbur and Odette love their children. While Odette is creative and imaginative, like Whopper, Wilbur has a fatherly personality.


Since Odette has a creative mind, she can paint artwork.


Wilbur and Odette are fan made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

JR Whopper, Whopper's uncle, is Odette's younger brother.

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