White Pearl is the older brother of Black Pearl.

White Pearl
White Pearl
White Pearl, Black Pearl's older brother


17 dog years old


His sister


His former life


Tony Rigs(Owner)
Black Pearl(Younger sister)


White Pearl is a Lhasa Apso with white fur. He wears a blue dress shirt with a red bow tie, black and white pants, a white scarf, and a red cap. He also has blue eyes and tufts on his cheeks. He is taller than Marcus. Before he reformed, White Pearl wore gray samurai armor.


Before he reformed, White Pearl showed no mercy and was extremely calculating. After he reformed, he often regretted joining forces with Kaptain Kid, but is consulted by his younger sister. Eventually, he became more optimistic about life. White Pearl is extremely overprotective over his younger sister. He is close to his owner, Tony Rigs.


White Pearl is an expert on Muy Thai boxing. He uses kunai as weapons. He is a talented bongo drum player.


White Pearl is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Black Pearl, he hails from Anaheim, California.

His full name is White Pearl Benson.

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