Wendy is a Pound Puppy who is known for her disguises.

New Wendy
Wendy, the queen of disguises


25 dog years old
22 dog years old(Three years ago)


Marcus, Calvin, disguising herself, cucumber sandwiches


Muggers, those messing with Calvin


Cary and Celia(Father and mother-in-Law)
Nose Marie(Sister-in-Law)
Martin, Lanford and Beauregard(Nephews)
Jewel, Daisy and Carrie(Nieces)
Momo(Adopted brother)
Camille(Adopted Sister)
Jelly Bean(Adopted Sister)
Jeanie Purrington(Adopted sister)
Winter Mist(Adopted sister)

First Appearance

Summer Festival at the Farm Division


January 2nd, 1990


Wendy is a tall, lanky Dalmation/Retriever mix with white fur, yellow spots, and a bushy tail. Wendy wears a red shirt, a blue vest, purple shorts, and a white fedora. She has orange claws on her toes. She is sometimes seen carrying a backpack full of costumes with her. After three years, Wendy has longer hair. She also started wearing a brown cap, a green and red striped tie and purple pants. She is the same height as TJ.


Wendy is easy going, laid-back, and sometimes spontaneous. Wendy is good friends with Twitchy and has a crush on Calvin. She loves changing into different costumes. Wendy is very clever and can fool her enemies with her disguises. She also has a tendency to wink to the audience to point out it's her under the costume. She often feels sorry for Marcus because of his dark childhood. Wendy is indifferent towards Dumbo. When Wendy and Calvin got married, she wasn't nervous. She has a taste for seedless cucumber sandwiches. Her nickname is the Pup of 1000 Faces.


Wendy is known as the master of disguise. She can change different costumes at will. She can also do a handstand for five hours. Wendy is also a master of kick-boxing. Wendy can also play the bongos. She also has the ability to change voices.



Wendy is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

Wendy is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Her birthday is January 2nd, 1990.

Her full name is Wendy Valentine.

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