The Warriors of Puppy Power is a fan-made group.


Seven hundred years ago, the Warriors of Puppy Power was a group of ten swordsmen who resided on the Isle of Puppy Power. Legend has it that they were the original founders of Puppy Power, for whenever they come across a pure-hearted creature and bless it with Puppy Power.


The only surviving members are Big Paw and Little Paw. The other members consisted of Alexandria, Indus, Babylon, Nile, Bushy, Lalibela, Xanadu, and Inca, who died after the Isle of Puppy Power sunk into the ocean.


Each of the Warriors of Puppy Power is gifted with expert swordsmanship and puppy power.


The Warriors of Puppy Power are a group of fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

The deceased eight members of the Warriors of Puppy Power are ancestors of of the heroes. Inca is Gamma's ancestor, Indus is Cooler's ancestor, Xanadu is Catgut's ancestor, Bushy is Sarge's ancestor, Lalibela is Momo's ancestor, Nile is Tony's ancestor, Babylon is Elaine's ancestor, and Alexandria is Kisa's ancestor.

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