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Vladimir and Sonia are the biological parents of Igor and Vigor.

Vladimir and Sonia
Vladimir and Sonia
Vladimir(Left) and Sonia(right)


Vladimir: 46 Dog Years Old(6.6 human years old)
Sonia: 45 Dog Years Old(6.4 human years old)


Their children




Vigor and Igor(Twin Sons)
Boris(Vladimir's Brother)
Hilda and Gilda(Daughters)


Vladimir and Sonia are Transylvanian Hounds with tan fur, brown ears and brown tails. Vladimir wears a green vest, a red shirt, a red tie, and red pants. He also has a mustache and neatly-combed gray hair. Sonia wears a light blue dress and glasses. She also has gray hair.


Both Vladmir and Sonia cared a whole lot about their children. Since Igor has full hostility against him, Vladimir feels guilty about not helping Igor in his time of need, though they later reconciled. Vladimir and Sonia will do anything to protect their children from bullies. They each love to pass the time growing fruits and vegetables at the Johnsons' farm.


Vladimir and Sonia are great martial artists. They are also experts at horticulture.


Vladimir and Sonia are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Vladimir and Sonia were born in Budapest, Hungary. They currently live with their owner, Peter, along with Jacey and the Johnsons at the Johnsons' farm not far from Poundsville.

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