Vivian, formerly known as "Vivi the Voracious", was one of the members of the Devil Dog Seven.

Vivian the Vigorious
"Vivian the Vigorous"


22 dog years old
19 Dog Years Old(2.7 human years old)


Helping puppies become healthy, karaoke, healthy foods, Cucumber Salads, Louie, Pancho, cooking shows


Evil, poor diets, waffles


Count Zanzibar(Former Owner)
Bartrand(Adopted Brother)
Stephanie(Adopted Sister)
Darius(Adopted Brother)
Ian(Adopted Brother)
Jayden(Adopted Brother)
Antonio(Adopted Brother)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
TJ Rigs(Former Owner)
Elaine(Current Owner)
Chew Chew(Adopted Brother)
Drumstick(Adopted Brother)
July(Adopted sister)
Momo and Violet Vanderfeller(Adopted siblings)
Tori(Adopted sister)
Momo and Violet Vanderfeller(Adopted siblings)
Saffron, Yakima, Ethan, and Victoria(Adopted siblings)


"Vivi" or "Viv"
Vivi the Voracious(formerly)
Devil Dog 5(formerly)
Devil Dog Voracious(formerly)
The Endless Eater(formerly)
PoundRaizer Goldenrod
The Knowledgeable Nutritionist
Vivian the Vigorous


Yhe Endless Eater: I'm Vivi the Voracious(Former)
The Knowledgeable Nutritionist: I am Vivian the Vigorous!
PoundRaizer Goldenrod, reporting for health!

First Appearance

World Tour Part 1: Enter the Devil Dog Seven

Full Name

Vivian Francine Athena Bordeaux


February 8th, 2718(original birthdate)
February 8th, 1993(current birthdate)


Vivian is a small Daschund with orange fur, a small, stubby tail and short, brown ears. Before she joined the Pound Puppies, she was obese and wore a yellow cape, a yellow shirt with the word "Gluttony", and gray shorts. She used to be the same height as Howard, making her the pudgiest member of the Devil Dog Seven.

After she joined the Pound Puppies, she lost weight and is now that same height as Cooler. She also wears a yellow shirt and yellow pants. When dressed up as PoundRaizer Goldenrod, Vivan wears a yellow helmet with a golden vizor, a yellow shirt with the word "health" on it, and a yellow skirt.

Three years later, Vivian's dark hair grew longer and she started wearing a yellow jacket, a golden shirt, a yellow dress, yellow shorts, and a yellow beret. She no longer keeps her head in two buns. During the summer, Vivian wears a yellow jumpsuit. When she goes to sleep, she wears a yellow night gown and yellow slippers. When she goes to the dojo, she wears a yellow karate uniform with an orange leaf on it. When she was a puppy, she wore a yellow shirt with a jade green diamond on it and yellow shorts.


Vivian was a glutton and used to eat all kinds of food, including food that humans usually eat. She didn't like being hungry and was always thinking about food. She was the least intelligent member of the group. After she joined the Pound Puppies, she was grateful of losing weight and gained more intelligence, though she is still slightly slow. She is also good friends with Nose Marie, Louie, who is her ancestor, and Violet. She also shows concern for others who make poor diet choices.

Despite the fact that she's not bright, Vivian is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Most of her friends call her "Vivi" or "Viv" for short. She is close to Elaine. Vivian speaks with a light French accent, which she inherits from Louie. She prefers to eat healthy foods. Vivian shares a special bond with Louie and refers to him as "big brother". She has a crush on Pancho and later married him. One of her favorite hobbies is singing karaoke songs.

Her favorite type music is jazz. Her favorite food is cucumber salads. Even though she became a PoundRaizer, she prefers not to fight in battles. Her least favorite food is waffles and syrup. She likes to watch cooking shows on TV.


After her training under Count Zanzibar, Vivian is granted with super strength. Her fists can smash through brick walls with ease. She also holds a special pose when introducing herself. Since she reformed, she became a nutritionist for Holly's Puppy Pound.

While dressed up as PoundRaizer Goldenrod, she uses medical supplies to heal her friends after she took lessons from Dr. Simon, which makes her the team's nurse. She was originally going to have given a rubber hammer, but she declined to fight. Vivian is also a an expert cook, in which she eventually becomes Louie's teacher. Vivian can also play the piano. She is a very good singer and joins Darius in a beautiful duet. She sings in a contralto voice.


Vivian is a fan-made character created by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Vivian is Louie's sole descendant. She inherited Louie's native accent.

She was also known as "Devil Dog 5."

According to her age, Vivian was born on February 8th, 2718. In the present, she would have been born on February 8th, 1993.

Vivian was born in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and grew up in Paris, France.

Her Japanese name is "Kimchi the Carnivorous."

Her full name is Vivian Francine Athena Bordeaux.

In an alternate timeline, Vivian earned a PhD in biology on January 4th, 2567.


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