Virgo is a member of the Zodiac Dozen.

New Virgo
"Virgo, the sympathetic nurse"


33 years old


Helping her friends, caesar salads with ranch dressing, spending time with her husband and child, playing her harp


Pluto McCartney, sweets, Jackal Johnson, juice, Jack Rabbit Gang, fire


Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius(Friends)
Pluto McCartney, Jackal Johnson, and Jack Rabbit Gang(Enemies)

Full name

Virgo Helga Vanyo


Zodiac 9


"Zodiac 9: Virgo!"


September 9th, 1982


Virgo is a tall woman with long, brown hair similar to Tiger Lily's hairstyle. She wears a dark blue shirt with the Virgo constellation on it, a blue cape with the Virgo sign, brown pants, and purple heeled shoes. She is the same height as TJ. She has the Virgo sign birthmark on her right wrist. Her casual attire consists of a blue sweater with the Virgo sign, a purple derby, blue tennis shoes, and purple pants.


Virgo is sympathetic and willing to come to her friends' aid. She likes to heal the physical and emotional wounds of her friends. She was happy to be reunited with her husband and child after Pluto's defeat. She speaks in a contralto voice with a Hungarian accent. Her favorite food is Caesar salad with ranch, thousand island, and French dressing. She has strong distaste against sweets and juice because of the sugars they contain, according to Virgo herself. Virgo likes to spend her time with her husband and child. She also likes to spend time playing her harp.


Virgo serves as the Zodiac Dozen's nurse. She can also control water magic. Virgo can play the harp. Her back-up weapons are her wooden staff, spear and whip. She sings in a gentle contralto voice.



Virgo is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Virgo and her family hail from Budapest, Hungary.

Virgo and her family are pyrophobic. However, her pyrophobia isn't as strong as Bigor's pyrophobia.

Her full name is Virgo Helga Vanyo. Her codename is Zodiac 9.

Virgo is the tenth member to join the Zodiac Dozen.

Her birthdate is Setember 9th, 1982.

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