Vigor's Pupternal Instinct/The Adventures of the Chartreuse Crusader is a fan made episode written by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918.


Vigor babysits a lost kitten and tries to get it back to her mother./ Igor makes a comic about his Chartreuse Crusader persona, but Bright Eyes and Whopper want in on the comic.


Act 1: Vigor's Pupternal Instinct

Part One

(Outside the puppy pound, Vigor and Precious are coming back after a walk.)

Precious: (Yawns) It sure is a nice day, Vigor.

Vigor: Indeed, Precious. And I'd like to thank you for walking...

(A meow can be heard.)

Precious: Did you hear something?

Vigor: It's probably Igor again. He's trying to surprise us.

Precious: I do not think that was from Igor.

Vigor: Well, if it wasn't from Igor, then...

(Vigor and Precious look at a nearby bush. They walk toward it and find a small kitten crying.)

Vigor: (Sadly) Aw! What's the matter, little kitty?

Kitten: (Brushing her tears away) I can't find my way home! I got lost while I was going for a walk with my mommy and my owners. I don't know where they are.

(Vigor picks up the kitten and cradles her.)

Vigor: What's your name?

Kitten: (Drying her tears) My name is Daphne.

Vigor: Well, Daphne, why don't you stay with us at Holly's Puppy Pound for a while? Then, we'll help you find your owners.

Daphne: Okay, mister...

Vigor: Vigor. Vigor Strayvinski. This is Precious.

Precious: We are members of the Pound Puppies.

Daphne: Pound Puppies? Oh! Mommy told me a lot about you. You must be kind puppies.

Precious: Indubitably.

(At the Puppy Pound, Vigor and Precious introduce Daphne to the other Pound Puppies and Holly.)

Vigor: Daphne, these are our friends, the Pound Puppies and Holly.

(Daphne walks up to Cooler but she grows shy.)

Cooler: Hi there. What's your name?

Daphne: I'm Daphne. I got lost.

Nose Marie: My southern fried goodness. That sounds terrible.

Holly: Don't worry, Daphne. We'll help you find your folks.

Daphne: Thank you so much. I hope I can reunite with my family soon.

Vigor: Is there anything I can get for you, Daphne?

Daphne: Do you have any milk?

Cooler: Yep. We have plenty of milk to go around.

Daphne: Thank you.

(Daphne leaves. Vigor gets a sad look on his face.)

Cooler: Is there something wrong, Viggy?

Vigor: I feel bad for Daphne. She doesn't know where her mother is.

Bright Eyes: I'm sure we'll be able to find Daphne's family.

Vigor: I hope. Maybe I should do something nice for Daphne. Maybe I should give her a scratching post to play with. No. Maybe a squeaky toy. Wait a minute! I have an even better idea!

Reflex: What is it, Viggy?

Vigor: Well, I heard from Daphne that she likes to see puppet shows, right?

Reflex: Yes.

Beamer: What are you going to do, Viggy?

Vigor: Well...

(Later, Gordon is showing a blindfolded Daphne to the rumpus room.)

Daphne: What's the surprise?

Gordon: You'll see soon.

(They come up to a small puppet theater.)

Daphne: Where am I?

Gordon: You're in the rumpus room.

Daphne: Rumpus room?

Gordon: Yes.

Daphne: I wonder what you're going to show me.

Gordon: You'll see. Are you ready?

Daphne: I think so.

(Gordon takes off the blindfold.)

Gordon: Here we are.

Daphne: (Noticing the puppet theater) Is that a...?

Gordon: Yep. It sure is.

Daphne: I love puppet shows! They always cheer me up!

(A hand puppet pops up.)

Vigor: (Stuffy voice) Hi, Daphne! I'm Rubio!

Daphne: Hello, Rubio!

Vigor: Can I sing you a song?

Daphne: Go right ahead.

Vigor: (Singing) Oh...

(Vigor sneezes.)

Daphne: Bless you.

Vigor: Thanks, Daphne.

Gordon: So, how are you enjoying the show?

Daphne: I like it.

Part Two

(Daphne is seen playing with a ball of yarn as Vigor watches.)

Vigor: (Thinking) Poor Daphne. I feel sorry for her because she can't find her family...

Daphne: Is there something wrong, Viggy?

Vigor: Oh, nothing, Daphne. Nothing at all.

Daphne: Oh. Wanna play with me?

Vigor: I guess so, Daphne.

(Vigor plays with Daphne.)

Daphne: This is fun, Viggy!

Vigor: Yes, it is.

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