Usagi is the descendant of Catgut from the future.

Usagi in Samurai Armor
Usagi, Catgut's future descendant.


80 human years old
17 human years old(1.13 cat years old)(Back in 2737)


Playing with yarn, training


Count Zanzibar and Devil Dog Seven


Yang and Yin(Ancestors)
Yojimbo(Older sister)
Count Zanzibar(Enemy)

First Appearance

World Tour Part 1: Enter the Devil Dog Seven



Usagi at age 17

Usagi is a Siamese cat with tan fur, black paws, sharp teeth, and a black tail. He wears a green shirt, a white jacket, and red pants. He also has short, black hair and carries a sword on his back. After sixty years, Usagi started wearing samurai armor and a cape. His appearance when he was a young adult stayed the same after being granted immortality.


Usagi is brave and intellgent. However, since the takeover by Count Zanzibar and the Devil Dog Seven, he holds a strong grudge against them. He is also traumatized by the execution of his owners. Usagi does not hesitate to help his allies when they are in danger. His favorite food is sushi.  His favorite past time was playing with yarn.


Usagi is very skillful with his sword. The sword is made with Zetatonium, a metal which sends beams to paralyze its targets. Like his ancestors, Usagi is a skilled martial artist. After sixty three years, Usagi became a teacher of martial arts to most of the heroes' descendants.


Usagi is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

His name means "Rabbit" in Japanese. His sister's name, Yojimbo, means "bodyguard" in Japanese.

His full name is Usagi Corleone.

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