Tulip is a Pound Purry who is a member of the Elite Eighteen.

New Tulip
Tulip, the tomboy daredevil


24 human years old
21 human years old(Three years ago)


Stunts, obstacles, sky diving, cheeseburgers, bananas




Clement, Flynn, Veronique, Wilton, Grant, Marcy, Mai, IQ, Hibachi, Paku Paku, Cactus Flower, Forte, Lyra, Ice Cap, Nanki Pu, Plasma, Proton, and Harriet(Friends)


November 9th, 1991

Full Name

Tulip Lucita Jones


Elite Six


Tulip is a tall, lanky La Perm cat with brown fur, brown ears, a white muzzle, a long tail, pink nose, and white feet. She wears a blue jumpsuit with a jade green six on it. She also has blue eyes, short, curly red hair and a brown tail. She is the same height as Marcus. After three years, Tulip grew longer hair and now wears a red headband and red socks with holes for her toes. She has the number six birthmark on the back of her head.


Tulip is playful, daring, adventurous, and easy going. She is not afraid to save her friends when they are in danger. She is sometimes impatient. Her favorite hobbies are sky diving and rock-climbing. Her favorite food is cheeseburgers and bananas.


While training under Gamma, Tulip is practicing kick-boxing. She is also a master daredevil and acrobat and usually accompanies Drumstick in their stunts. She can play the drums.



Tulip is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

Tulip hails from Madison, Wisconsin.

Her full name is Tulip Lucita Jones.

Her birthday is November 9th, 1991.

Tulip's parents were professional acrobats and stunt cats.

She is Amster's ancestor.

Her codename is "Elite 6."

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