This is Tuffy if he joined the Pound Purries.

Tuffy(Pound Purry Version)
Tuffy 3 years later
Tuffy, leader of the Pound Purries


13 human years old
10 human years old(Three years ago)


His team, his girlfriend


Kaptain Kid Stoneheart


Pound Purries(Friends)
Whopper(Best Friend)


Tuffy new design

Tuffy three years ago

Tuffy now wears a red sweater with blue cuffs. He is also five human years older. After three years, Tuffy started wearing Whopper's old cap and black pants. He is now a few centimeters shorter than Howler.


Tuffy is still the same as he was in the TV series. The only difference is that Tuffy is a responsible leader of the Pound Purries and has a crush on his new girlfriend, Buttercup.


Tuffy has now become an expert acrobat and daredevil. He can also play the guitar.


This is a fan-made prediction of Tuffy by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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