Trixie is a former member of the Stoneheart Family who joined the Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound.

Trixie Updated
Trixie, former member of the Stonehearts


19 years old
16 years old(Three years ago)


Pound Puppies and Pound Purries


Her family


Karl Stoneheart(Father/Enemy)
Kitty James(Pet)
Katrina Stoneheart(Aunt/Enemy)

Full Name

Patricia Stoneheart


Trixie is a teenaged girl who wears a green shirt, green pants, a light green scarf, and black sneakers. She also has long, orange hair, red, rosy cheeks, and brown eyes. Trixie is shorter than Holly. After three years, Trixie started wearing a dark green cape and a light green derby with a pink flower on it.


Trixie is the exact opposite of her family. While the rest of the Stonehearts are black-hearted, Trixie is kind, pure-hearted, passionate, sympathetic, quiet, and timid. She is the least bravest member of the Staff Members and often hides. She is also extremely shy. Trixie is also afraid of her abusive father, Karl. She is not bothered by Dumbo's stupidity. Trixie is good friends with TJ, Cooler, Faith, and Nose Marie. After three years, Trixie became more braver.


Trixie can play the violin.


Trixie is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Her full name is Patricia Stoneheart.

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