Tricolor is a young female member of the Pound Puppies with a particular interest in painting who married Tony the Artist.

Tricolor 3 years later
Tricolor the artist


22 dog years old
19 dog years old(2.7 human years old)(Three years ago)


Art, Barkerville, Tony the Artist


People who don't appreciate Tony the Artist


Barkerville(Former Secret Love Interest)
Tony the Artist(Mentor then Husband)
Mona Lisa(Daughter)


Tricolor is a tricolor basset hound/cocker spaniel mix with green eyes, a white muzzle, the black fur on her head, brown and white ears, a bushy tail, black hands, and white feet. She wears a tie dye shirt, a purple bow, and a rainbow skirt. Three years later, she started wearing rainbow jogging pants.


Tricolor is creative, kind, smart, and loyal to Holly and the Pound Puppies. She is very close friends with Bright Eyes and July. She has a secret crush on Barkerville, but pretends she can't stand him when she's around him, although Barkerville doesn't notice it. However, she looks up to Tony the Artist as a role model and later became his girlfriend, but later broke up with him, causing Tony the Artist to become extremly jealous of Barkerville. After learning that Barkerville was not interested in her, Tricolor realized what a fool she was and decided to marry her true love, Tony the Artist, instead. She has since then grown a special bond with her husband and their children. She is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity.


Tricolor is a good artist and can play the sitar. She often accompanies Tony the Artist for painting portraits. She is very flexible and can use her tail as brush.


Tricolor is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She hails from Dyer, Indiana.