Tori is a kitten that becomes a member of the Pound Purries.

New Tori
Tori, Momo's old friend


13 human years old
10 human years old(0.7 cat years old)(Three years ago)


Momo, Ming, Short Tail, Her Shamisen, moonlight skies




Momo(Old friend)
Ming and Short Tail(Best Friends)
Tsuru(Older brother)
Dachou and Tsugumi(Parents)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
TJ Rigs(Owner)
Bartrand(Adopted Brother)
Stephanie(Adopted Sister)
Vivian(Adopted sister)
Darius(Adopted brother)
Ian(Adopted brother)
Jayden(Adopted brother)
Antonio(Adopted brother)
Chew Chew(Adopted brother)
July(Adopted sister)
McWhisker(Adopted brother)
Drumstick(Adopted brother)


Tori is a Japanese bobtail kitten with white fur and a bushy tail. She wears a pink kimono with green leaf designs and a red sash around her waist and a blue headband. She also has dark hair and green eyes. After three years, Tori wears a blue bow on her head and wears red socks with holes for her toes


Tori is nice and caring but is also vain and a bit boastful. She is best friends with Ming and Short Tail. She is close to Momo, who has been her best friend since they were young. Her favorite pasttime is playing her shamisen, meditating, and practicing martial arts. Her favorite song is "Love Machine" by the Miracles, which is a song in which she dances with Mr. and Mrs. Vanderfeller. She is easily annoyed by Dumbo and his stupidity. Despite her age, Tori is very intelligent. Her favorite food is sushi. She is also good friends with Bright Eyes.


After training under Ramon, she studied karate and judo. She is also a good shamisen player.


Tori is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

Her name Tori is Japanese for bird.

She and her family hail from Gokayama, Japan.

Her full name is Tori Yamamoto.


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