Topsy and Turvy are twin minks who are friends of the Mink Gang.

Topsy and Turvy
Topsy and Turvy 2
Topsy and Turvy, fun-loving twin minks


15 years old each


Reading, playing her violin, crossword puzzles(Topsy), Baseball, hanging out with her friends(Turvy), Buster, tacos with mustard


The Hexagon Gang


Sarge, Smokey, Sparky, Gloomy, Buffy, Rosy, Stuffy, Winky, Jazzy, Twitchy, Spunky, Slushy, Zany, Witty, Wally, Scaly, Brawly, Serenity, Elaine, Marcus, Igor, Darius, Gordon, and Buster(Friends)


Topsy and Turvy are slender minks with white fur, pink noses and pink ears. Topsy wears a jade green shirt with pink sleeves, an orange vest, mahogany shorts, yellow, fluffy slippers, and a black bandana on her head. Turvy wears a purple jumpsuit, pink, fuzzy slippers and a brown beret. When they take off their hats and slippers, Topsy has long Orange hair and purple claws on her toes while Turvy has a green tuft and orange claws on her toes. They are the same height as Faith. When they go to sleep, they each wear pink and red striped pajamas. During the summer, they were blue and white bathing suits.


As twins, Topsy and Turvy would never go anywhere without each other. While Topsy is gentle and talks in a soft, contralto voice, Turvy is eccentric and likes to socialize with others. They are both generous and friendly. While Topsy spends her time solving crossword puzzles puzzles and playing her violin with Gamma, Turvy likes to play soccer. They are good friends with Rosy, Elaine, Momo, Marcus, Igor, Darius, Buster, Tony, and Gordon.

They had a strong grudge against the Hexagon Gang because Buster's family was killed by the mobsters. Their favorite food is tacos with mustard. During car trips, Topsy and Turvy each have a habit of resting their feet on the seats in front of them.


After training under Gamma, Topsy and Turvy have mastered boxing. While Topsy is talented with her violin, Turvy is very athletic. They are also flexible. Topsy can play the trumpet while Turvy can play the guitar.


Topsy and Turvy are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

They were born in Burlington, Vermont and grew up in Wolcott, Indiana.

Their real names are Tracey and Tallulah Bell.

They are the only Minks to be twins.

They are the second and third minks to not join the Mink Gang.


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