Toots is a one time character who appeared in The Bright Eyes Mob.

Toots, before she got adopted by Mrs. Vanderspiff in The Bright Eyes Mob

Presumed Age

15 Dog Years Old(2.1 human years old)


Squeaky toys, hot dogs, Mrs. Vaderspiff


Katrina Stoneheart


Bright Eyes(Good friend)
Mrs. Vanderspiff(Owner)

Voice Actress

Dana Hill


Toots has tan fur with a brown tail. She wore a green sweater with a pink collar. She has long brown hair with two flowers in it.


Toots and Bright Eyes 2

Toots and Bright Eyes

At first, Toots was a sneaky, manipulative and misbehaved troublemaker. She tricked the naive Bright Eyes to steal food and toys for her gang, the Crushers. However, after realizing Bright Eyes actually cared about her and seeing Bright Eyes in trouble, Toots and her gang helped save her and then gave up their life of crime. Toots apologized to Bright Eyes and was then adopted by Mrs. Vanderspiff.


Toots was very clever, as she tricked Bright Eyes into stealing before she reformed.


The flowers she wears nearly resemble the one Nose Marie wore in the first season of the TV series. The difference is that Nose Marie's flower has four petals and a yellow stigma while Toots' flowers each have five petals and a white stigma.

Dana Hill, who provided the voice of Toots, is best known for her roles as Audrey Griswald in National Lampoon's European Vacation, Max Goof in Goof Troop, Tim (Tom's self-proclaimed Twin Brother) from Tom and Jerry Kids and Norton from the 1995 Cartoon, What-a-Mess, before her death on June 15, 1996.

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