Tony the Artist is a painter who will be a member of the Pound Puppies.

Tony the Artist
Tony the Artist 3 years later
Tony the Artist


24 dog years old
21 Dog Years Old(3 human years old)(Three years ago)


Painting, Tricolor, his "drawing block"


Those who don't appreciate his artwork, Katrina Stoneheart, Barkerville(formerly), pasta jokes, centipedes, surrealism art


The Pound Puppy Formerly Known as the Artist


Bright Eyes(Student)
Barkerville(Former Rival)
Mona Lisa(Daughter)
Leonardo(Best Friend)
Giovanna(Younger sister)

Full name

Amintore Raphael de Pastel


Mama mia!


Tony the Artist is a Retriever with yellow fur and brown ears. He wears a red shirt with a purple paw print design on it, black pants, and a red beret. He also has brown hair. He is usually seen carrying a giant paintbrush on his back. After three years, Tony the Artist started wearing a yellow cloak.


Tony the Artist is polite and friendly toward the Pound Puppies. He is also passionate about art. He is highly sensitive when someone dislikes his paintings. He is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Tony the Artist speaks with an Italian accent. He is deeply in love with Tricolor. Tony the Artist has a dream of teaching others about art and painting. When Tricolor broke up with him, Tony the Artist became extremely jealous of Barkerville and vows to win back Tricolor's love. He even went far is to yell at Barkerville in Italian and almost wrote termination slips on Tricolor and Barkerville. However, when Tricolor went back to him, he finally calmed down and felt great guilt and shame for the way he acted even after Barkerville forgave him. He then married his true love, Tricolor. He has since then grown a special bond for Tricolor and their children.

Tony the Artist can't stand pasta jokes, mostly because pasta comes from Italy and, as he says, "those are jokes only toddlers could laugh at.". He also has a distaste for fish. He is also afraid of centipedes. Even though Tony the Artist loves art of all kinds, he says surrealism creeps him out. Whenever he feels in the mood for drawing, Tony the Artist would bring a block when which he called the "drawing block" so because he prefers to use it to hold paper to draw.


Tony the Artist has an uncanny ability to draw pictures and create paintings. In battles, he masters Kung Fu and uses his paint brush as a weapon. He often accompanies Tricolor to paint portraits. Tony the Artist can write with both hands and also imitate anyone's hand-writing. He is also flexible.


Tony the Artst is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

His nickname, the Pound Puppy Formerly Known as the Artist, is a parody of Prince Rogers Nelson's alias, "The artist formerly known as Prince". 

His full name is Amintore Raphael de Pastel.

His name is not to be confused with Tony Rigs.

Tony the Artist hails from Rome, Italy.


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