Tokky, the inventor of Neo Pound Puppies


15 dog years old


His friends, making inventions


Missing or malfunctioning inventions


Rover, Starlia, Cresella and Steveno(Friends)

Tokky is a member in Neo Pound Puppies. He loves to make inventions. He also serves as an ally in the fan-made series.


Tokky is a Dachshund with brown fur. His ears are dark brown, the necklace is red. His jacket is blue with three black buttons on it.


Tokky is very intelligent. He loves to create new inventions and he believes that his inventions can still succeed, even though every now and then, they malfunction. But Tokky is still doing his best. Tokky isn't a good joke teller. Tokky sometimes has a habit of saying "Yip" in between sentences.


With his intelligence, Tokky is able to build powerful new machines. There is also a great power. In the revelation, his power is the water because of his jacket and he has not yet used in the fighting.



Tokky is an original character created by Doly Carvalho.

He is the second inventor after Howler.

His full name is Totaro Katashima.

He hails from Izumo, Japan.

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