Tiger Lily is a cat genie who is an enemy of Carnation.

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily, the evil cat genie


3,000 human years


Tricking others, Ridgeback


Carnation, Wishbone and Ginnie


Carnation, Wishbone and Ginnie(Enemies)
Ridgeback(Love Interest)


Tiger Lily is tall, gorgeous, Turkish Angora with white fur, purple eyes, long red hair that reaches down to her ankles, and yellow claws on her toes. She wears a green dress with an orange flower design on it, rainbow pants, and an orange cape. She is the same height as Elanie.


Tiger Lily was seemingly generous and caring, but Wishbone and Ginnie got suspicious of her, as she preferred to only pamper Ridgeback, while she treated the other heroes  with disrespect. She eventually admitted to having a crush on Ridgeback, much to his confusion. After Ridgeback turned her down, she took out her hostility on every member of the pound before she was reimprisioned by Wishbone, Ginnie, and Carnation.


Tiger Lily's magic knows no bounds. She is also a skilled painter. As a genie, she can appear and disappear.


Tiger Lily is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

She was born in Giza, Egypt.

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