The Rigs Brothers are a boy band that will appear in a remake of the Pound Puppies TV Series.


The Rigs Brothers consist of four human brothers. TJ Rigs is the eldest and plays the double bass. Tony and Ricky are twin brothers. Tony plays the guitar and Ricky plays the keytar. Joshua, the youngest of the brothers, plays the drums. They are good friends of the Pound Puppies, especially Howler. Later on, the group has been disbanded after Ricky joined the villains.


Rigs Brothers
TJ Portrait Tony Portrait Ricky Portrait Joshua Portrait
TJ Tony Ricky Joshua


The Rigs Brothers, despite their young ages, are very talented musicians. They also get good grades and put their studies first before they can go practicing.


The Rigs Brothers are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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