The Herding Four is a fan made episode written by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and by Magic-is-cute.


The heroes must rescue four herding dogs from the Stoneheart Six and relocat their farm, but one of the herding dogs is injured and the heroes must find a replacment before a sheepherding competion.


Part 1

(Cherry, Catgut Jr, Whopper, Starburst, Igor and Lanford are playing baseball when they hear distance barking.)

Catgut Jr.: What's that?

Igor: It sounds like there's a dog in trouble.

(Catgut Jr. looks over the fence and sees Klaude Stoneheart carring a cage with four dogs in it.)

Klaude: My master will be so proud of me when he sees these four dogs that I caught.

(Cherry, Catgut Jr, Whopper, Starburst, and Igor run into the pound building in front of Cooler.)

Igor: Cooler, we just saw Klaude Stoneheart carring four dogs in a cage.

Cooler: Don't worry, little paleroonies. I have an idea.

(Later, Cooler, Sarge, Momo, Marcus, Gamma, Colette, Rosy, Catgut, Faith, Lee, and Gloomy tip-toe to the cage while Klaude, unaware of the rescue team, eats his lunch. Lee picks the lock quietly.)

Lee: (Whispering) Good thing my claws can pick locks.

(Cooler quietly opens the cage.)

Gloomy: (Quietly) Don't you worry. We're here to save you.

Puppy: (Quietly) Thank you so much.

(The four dogs quickly step out of the cage.)

Border Collie:(Quietly) Thank you for rescueing me and my team.

Cooler: You're welcome. Now, let's get out of here before Klaude sees us.

(Later, back at Holly's Puppy Pound...)

Border Collie: My name is Josiah. This is my friend, Hermione, and her cousins, Jebediah and Jeremiah.

Cooler: Pleased to meet you all.

(Nose Marie notices that Hermione is carrying a walking stick and her injury. Gamma notices as well. Both are horrified.)

Nose Marie: Oh my southern fried goodness! What happened to you?

Hermione: I must have tripped and sprained my foot.

Gamma: I'm going to contact Dr. Simon about this.

(Later, everyone is waiting for the results. Dr. Simon, wheeling Hermione, enters.)

Cooler: Well, Doc Simon?

Dr. Simon: From what I gather, it will take Hermione two weeks before she recovers.

Hermione: Oh no. I have to be at a competition next week.

Nose Marie: Competition? What competition?

Hermione: A herding competition.

Cooler: Maybe we can help.

Hermione: How?

Tim Collie: WeIl, I'm a collie

Hermione: But, are you athletic?

Tim: I have. I was a swimming champion when I was a puppy.

Hermione: Good to hear.

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