Terra Cotta is a puppy cadet and one of the Elemental Cadets.

Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta
"Terra Cotta, the rock solid elemental cadet"


24 dog years old
21 dog years old(Three years ago)


Sculptures, Kaze


Loud music


Captain Canine, Judy, Tandy, Glen and Gwen, Dana, Pyro, Freezer, Gordon, Moon Spark, Kaze, Nisshoku, Mizu, Ghas, Sombra, Stellar, Sonar, Tempo, Ernst, Ferro, and Denki(Friends)


"Earth Cadet"


April 21st, 1991


Terra Cotta is a large Dalmatian with white fur with spots on it, white ears, and a small tail. She wears a brown shirt with a gray rock design on it, light brown pants, a brown eye mask, and a light brown cape. She also has long, blond hair. After three years, Terra Cotta started wearing a miner's helmet. Her casual attire consists of a brown shirt, pink pants and a yellow lab coat.


Terra Cotta is headstrong, but she is short-tempered and not very bright. In her past times, Terra Cotta loves to make sculptures out of rocks. She can't stand loud music. She is also good friends with Kaze.


Terra Cotta masters the element of earth. She is also a great artist and can play the ocarina and sing. Her main weapon is an ax she carved out of rock.


Terra Cotta is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She hails from Des Moines, Iowa.

She is also known as the Earth Cadet.

Her full name is Terra Cotta "Terry" Carlton.

Her birthdate is April 21st, 1991.

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