Templeton Catscratch is the commander of the Long Claws who joined forces with the Pound Purries.

"Templeton Catscratch"
New Templeton
Templeton the Gentlemanly Long Claw


45 human years old
42 human years old(Three years ago)


Tuna Sandwiches; Puppies; Kittens; Justice


The Stoneheart Six

First Appearance



Sapphire and Salem(Adopted sister and brother)
Theodore and Basil(Sons)
Gloria and Sybil(Daughters)


February 14th, 1970


Templeton is a large siamese cat with tan fur, green eyes, and dark hair. He wears a jade shirt, red pants, and a black tie. He also has a mustache. He is the same height as Antonio, making him the tallest of the Long Claws and the second tallest of the Pound Purries. After three years, Templeton started wearing a blue vest.


Templeton is nice, caring, and has good maners. Before he joined the Pound Purries, he was rude, heartless, and a complete snob. After he reformed, he fell in love with Glimmer and was later adopted by Veronica. He speaks in a low, British accent. He is also intelligent. Templeton is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Templeton eventually got married with Glimmer and shares a special bond with his wife and kittens. He eventually moved in with Glimmer and her adopted siblings after Templeton and Glimmer got married.


Templeton is a good athlete. He can also paint and play the cello. Templeton is also a professional boxer.



Templeton Catscratch is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

He was born in London, England.

Templeton Catscratch is the only member of the Long Claws to be born out of the United States.

His birthday is February 14th, 1970, making him the oldest member of the Long Claws.

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