TJ is Tony's older brother who retired from the Rigs Brothers to work as an assistant at Holly's Puppy Pound.

TJ Rigs
TJ 3 years later
TJ, former bass player of the Rigs Brothers


22 years old
19 years old(Three years ago)


Tony, Pound Puppies(Especially Nose Marie), Pound Purries


Those who threaten or harm his friends, tornadoes, driving, animal abuse


Bernadette(Younger sister)
Tony(Younger brother)
Ricky(Younger brother)
Annette(Younger sister)
Joshua(Younger brother)
Nose Marie(good friend)
Deceased mother and father
Drumstick, Chew Chew, Bartrand, Vivian, Darius, Ian, Jayden, Antonio, July, Tori, and Stephanie(Former Pets)
Billy the Kitten(Former Pet)
Horatio Vanderfeller(Godfather)
Irene Vanderfeller(Godmother)
Moon Spark, Cleopatra, John, Lassie McTerrier, Kisa, Cavallo, and Bonita(Former Pets)
Marcus and Gamma(Rivals)
Kanashimi, Yakima, Ethan, and Victoria(Former Pets)
Scruffles and Truffles(Former Pets)
Black Pearl(Former Pet)
Pencil(Former Pet)
Suda(Former Pet)
Hilda and Gilda(Former Pets)

First Appearance

Howler's Got the Boy Band Blues

Last Appearance

World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Finale: The Fall of Robin Murgatroyd's Empire



TJ three years ago

TJ is a tall, young man with long, spiky dark hair. TJ wears a white shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a red and black striped tie. He is taller than most of his friends(except Gamma, Sarge, Buffy, and Big Paw).

After three years, TJ has a scar on his cheek and now wears a white suit, red pants, and a yellow derby.


TJ loves his family and the Pound Puppies and Purries, especially Nose Marie and Colette. Despite this, he is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. TJ is also a smart individual. He speaks in a deep, low voice. TJ is also more mature than his younger brother, Tony. After TJ lost his parents, he became a surogate father figure of Tony. Despite his bravery, he has lilapsophobia, meaning he has an intense fear of tornadoes. TJ also shares a special bond with Moon Spark and finds her very cute. He has developed a rivalry with Marcus and Gamma. Despite the fact he is a good driver, he is easily impatient and thinks that "there are idiots on the highway who are out to get me.". He also has a strong dislike against people who abuse animals and will attack anyone who does the act. When he heard that Joshua was HIV-positive, TJ was furious that, in retaliation, he sued the hospital for malpractice, despite his younger brother's plea. However, his case was dropped. After feeling guilty, TJ finally retired from the pound and left his pets in Tony's care.


TJ plays the bass since his time with the Rigs Brothers. TJ is also a good driver and a talented singer, in which he sings in a lower voice. Like his brother, he is also gifted with Puppy Power.


TJ is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

His full name is Thomas Jacey Rigs.

He now lives in Salem, Oregon after he retired. After he was viciously attacked by Emperor Murgatroyd, his injuries were so severe that his left leg is useless and he has to use a cane to walk around.

His deep, booming voice would be inspired by Thurl Ravenscroft.

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