Susanoo is a samurai dog like Momo.

New Susanoo
Susanoo of the Moon


22 dog years old
19 dog years old(2.7 human years old)(Three years ago)


Starry night skies, winter, karaoke, festivals, Casey, pork buns, lemonade


Hot and humid summer days


Ichiro, Daikeizu, Issun, Kohaku, Fubuki, Kaguruma, and Bara(Friends)
Cary and Celia(Father and Mother-in-Laws)
Serena and Tanya(Daughters)
Nose Marie(Sister-in-Law)
Martin, Lanford and Beauregard(Nephews)
Jewel, Daisy and Carrie(Nieces)


Susanoo of the Moon

First Appearance

World Tour Part 2: Susanoo of the Moon


June 12th, 1993


Susanoo is an Akita Inu with orange and tan fur, tan paws, a tan muzzle, and a bushy tail. He wears a purple and blue striped kimono and carries a long katana in a red sheath on his back. He keeps his dark hair in a topknot. After three years, Susanoo started wearing a purple headband and a blue belt. He is the same height as Calvin.


Susanoo is nocturnal, meaning that during the day, he usually meditates and at night, he is active. Despite this, Susanoo is good-natured, strong, intelligent, and courageous. He is good friends with Momo and cares a lot for his family. He loves starry night skies and cold winter days because Susanoo prefers to relax on those kind of days. Susanoo also loves singing karaoke songs and attending festivals. Although he never shows it, he has a secret crush on Casey and dreams of marrying her one day. He is also good friends with the Seven Samurai Dogs. Despite the fact that his fur is heat proof, he hates hot and humid days because they make him crabby. His favorite food is pork buns and lemonade.


Like Momo, Susanoo is an expert at swordsmanship. He can even attack and do most activities, such as practicing martial arts or cooking, while he is sleeping during the day. Susanoo is also a good singer. He also carries a hammer as a back-up weapon. His fur can withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures.



Susanoo is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Susanoo is named after the Japanese god of sea and storms.

Susanoo's birth place was in Shirakawa, Japan.

His birthday is June 12th, 1993.

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