Sugar is the oldest sister of Spice.

Sugar, Spice's sister


16 Human years old


Her little brother, baseball


Bad movies


Spice(Younger brother)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Diamond, Jewel, Bright Eyes, and Winky(Friends)
Salt and Pepper(Parents)


Sugar is an American Shorthair kitten with brown fur and tan paws. She wears a white shirt with pink sleeves, jade green pants, and a blue baseball cap. Sugar has green eyes, white hair and purple claws on her toes. She is the same height as Faith.


Sugar is a tomboy. She would rather play baseball than spend her time thinking about having a boyfriend. Sugar does care about her younger brother, Spice. She is good friends with Diamond, Jewel, Winky, and Bright Eyes. When Sugar sees Spice in danger, she won't hesitate to rush in and get him out of harm's way.


Sugar is a phenomenal baseball player. She is also flexible. She also masters kick-boxing. Like Spice, Sugar also uses her baseball bat as a weapon.


Sugar is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Spice, Sugar was born in Olympia, Washington.

Her full name is Sugar O'Hara.

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