Steveno, member of Neo Pound Puppies


11 dog years old


His friends, plushies


Be Disturbed


Rover, Starlia, Cresella and Tokky (Friends)

Steveno is a member of Neo Pound Puppies. He also serves as an ally in the fan-made series.


Steveno is a Jack Russell Terrier with brown/white fur. His collar is blue, there are two tasks on his face and also a task on his back. But his task is hidden in a brown shirt on him.


Steveno is very quiet which never thinks of violence. He does not like to be disturbed by others and he always wants to be quiet. But ihe can often be very angry when if a person never listen. He os never nasty to others and is very nice. He likes plushies because of their softness. He speaks in an Italian, tenor accent.


Steveno has powers like the others in the team who is not yet revealed. In the revelation, his power is the ground because of his shirt. But he has not used it in combat.



Steveno is an original character created by Doly Carvalho.

His full name is Steveno Palermo.

He hails from Rome, Italy.

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