Stefan is one of the Unlucky Thirteen.

New Stefan


4 human years old(Reformed)
15 human years old


His master(Formerly) and Pan




Pan(Younger sister)
Hairball and Charlemange(Ancestors)
Amster, Hayate, Tai Bo, Brass, Rufus, Rita, Rosa, Franco, Georgia, and Pablo(Comrades)
Sen Sen(Adopted brother)
Emperor Robin Murgatroyd(Former Master)
Charles, Hairball Jr., Rose, and Henrietta(Ancestors


Y'ello?(When answering the phone)


"CatRaizer Evergreen"


August 17th, 7390(Original birthdate)
August 17th, 2000(Current birthdate)


Stefan is a Colorpoint Shorthair cat with beige fur, beige ears, a white streak on his stomach and white paws. He wears an orange scarf, Gray shorts and a black belt. He has scars on his face and right foot, a partially bandaged tail tip, tufts sticking out of his cheeks, and short, dark hair. He was the same height as Cooler.

After he reformed and became a kitten, his tufts became smaller and he started wearing a red vest and purple beanie. He was also the same height as Whopper. After he was affected by Howler's Auto-Ager, Stefan is back to his original height and age.


Stefan is arrogant and stubborn. He is loyal to his master, Emperor Murgatroyd, and his leader, Sen Sen. He has zero tolerance toward dogs because of his scars. He gets along with his younger sister, Pan. After he reformed, it was revealed that he and Pan were tricked by Emperor Robin Murgatroyd into joining his ranks. Stefan has since then became generous and polite. Whenever he answers the phone, he answers by saying "Y'ello?".


Stefan is a skilled martial artist and a wizard at marksmanship. Stefan can play the guitar. His weapon of choice is a laser gun.


Stefan is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from the northern suburbs of Berlin, Germany.

His CatRaizer name is "CatRaizer Evergreen."

His birthday is August 17th, 7390. In the present, his birthdate would have been August 17th, 2000.

His full name is Stefan Silvers.


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