The St. Francis Children's Home was an orphanage that was featured in the TV Special.


St. Francis Children's Home

The St. Francis Children's Home, as seen in the 1985 TV Special

The St. Francis Children's Home is an orphanage run by Mother Superior. The only two children shown in the TV Special who lived there were Petey and Becky. On the sign, it says "St. Francis Children's Home. Bless the children."


Residents of the St. Francis Children's Home
Mother Superior Petey Becky
Mother Superior Petey Becky


The Nose visits the Orphanage<The Pound Puppies>

The Nose took two puppies with her at the St. Francis Children's Home. There, the two puppies were adopted by Petey and Becky. Mother Superior thanked The Nose for her good deed.

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