Spice is a kitten who joins the Pound Purries.

New Spice
Spice, the crazy kitten


12 human years old
9 human years old(Three years ago)


Being spontaneous, poetry, Paw Paw, salami sandwiches with eggplant and banana cream


Fish, loud noises


Paw Paw(Former Love interest)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Salt and Pepper(Parents)
Paprika(Best Friend)


Spice is an American shorthair cat with tan fur and brown patches. He wears a light blue shirt and aqua shorts. He also has orange eyes and blue claws on his toes. He is the same height as Igor. He also wears a red collar.

After three years, Spice started wearing a red vest and bandages on his feet. His tuft grew longer.


Spice is kind and very smart for his age but has a lot of weird habits that his friends find "odd". Such as every 5 minitues he changes outfits, doing most activities with his feet, drawing with his toes, and in the middle of sentences he does a pitched meow-like sound. He is good friends with Igor and McWhisker. Some consider Spice the kitten equivalent of Igor. Unlike most cats, Spice dislikes the taste of fish. He had a secret crush on Paw Paw, until he decided he is too young for romance. He is also interested in poetry. He is not fond of loud noises. His favorite food is a salami sandwich with eggplant and banana cream. Whenever he goes to sleep, he draws pictures with his toes while sleeping. When Spice feels happy, he dances while standing on his hands and claps with his feet. He is best friends with Paprika.


Spice is a good artist and knows kick-boxing. He can also play the sitar. He can also do a handstand while playing the sitar with his feet. His back-up weapon is his baseball bat.


Spice is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Spice hails from Olympia, Washington.

His full name is Spice O'Hara.


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