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The Pound Puppies TV Series and Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw are aided by the occasional musical numbers that are either original or sung to the tune of another song.

Theme Song

Season 1 Theme Song sung by the Pound Puppies

Season 2 Theme Song sung by the Pound Puppies

Bright Eyes, Come Home

Song: Goodbye, Bright Eyes sung by Cooler, Nose Marie, Howler and Whopper

How to Found a Pound

No songs

From Wags to Riches

No songs

Snowbound Pound

Song: Bright Eyes' song to Shauna

Episode 5: The Fairy Dogmother

Song: The Fairy Dogmother

Episode 6: Whopper Cries Uncle

Song: Nose Marie's Song about JR Whopper

Episode 7: In Pups We Trust

No songs

Episode 8: The Captain and the Cats

We've been cooking for the Captain sung by Katrina Stoneheart and Brattina

Episode 9: Secret Agent Pup

Song: Secret Agent Pup sung by Cooler

Song: Secret Agent Pup Reprise sung by Nose Marie

Episode 10: Wagga Wagga

Song: Hound Dog 1 sung by Howler

Song: Hound Dog 2 sung by Penelope

Song: Hound Dog 3 sung by Nose Marie

Episode 11: The Star Pup

Song: Three Wise Guys

Episode 12: Happy Howlidays

Song: Deck the Halls by the Pound Puppies

Song: Here We Come a-Caroling by the Pound Puppies

Song: God rest ye merry, gentlemen by Tiny and the Pound Puppies

Episode 24: Garbage Night, the Musical

Song: Someone, Somewhere sung by Melissa

Song: Puttin' on the Dog sung by the Pound Puppies and Holly

Song: Mutts Drive Me Nuts sung by Katrina Stoneheart and Brattina

Song: At the Canine Cafe sung by the Canine Cafe Trio

Song: I'm Just a Junk Food Junkie sung by Scrounger and Whopper

Song: I'm Going to Lock those Mutts sung by Katrina Stoneheart and Brattina

Song: On the Inside of Your Outside sung by Howler

Song: Someone, Somewhere reprise sung by Scrounger, the Canine Cafe Trio, Melissa, and the orphans

Song: Let's Start Pounding sung by Cooler

Song: Mutts Drive Me Nuts reprise

Song: I'm Just a Health Food Hound Dog sung by Scrounger and the rest of the cast

Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw

Song: At the Pound sung by Cooler, the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Jeff, and Tammy

Song: Now that You're Here sung by Colette

Song: King of Everything sung by Marvin McNasty

Song: All in Your Mind sung by Cooler

Song: I'm a Puppy Too sung by Big Paw

Song: Puppy Power's Back sung by everyone

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