Sombra is a Puppy Cadet who controls shadows.

"Sombra, the Shadow cadet"


16 dog years old


Solitude, sausage pizza, cream soda




Captain Canine, Judy, Glen, Gwen, Tandy, Dana, Gordon, Moon Spark, Pyro, Freezer, Denki, Kaze, Terra Cotta, Mizu, Ghas, Stellar, Sonar, Tempo, Ernst, Ferro, and Nisshoku(Best friends)

First Appearance

The Shadow Cadet


"Queen of Shadows"


October 31st, 1999


Sombra is a Chihuahua/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix with brown fur, tan hands, brown ears, and white feet. She wears a black jumpsuit with a white circle on it, a black and white striped cape, a black fedora, and a white tie. She also has dark markings around her eyes, blue eyes, long hair, and purple claws on her toes. She is the same height as Marcus. Her casual attire consists of a blue flamenco dress and purple rose.


Like Witty and Lyra, Sombra is anti-social. However, she cares about her friends and is not afraid to come to their aid. She is also intelligent. She spends her time making puppets for shadow plays she puts up for her friends. Sombra's favorite food is cream soda and sausage pizza. She speaks in a light, Spanish accent. Whenever she's not on duty, Sombra spends her time meditating and listening to ballet.


Sombra has the ability to control and create shadows to frighten her enemies. She is also good at making puppets. She uses her katana as a weapon and can play the harp. She is also an expert at karate and a great cook.


Sombra is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She hails from Santiago, Chile.

Her name is Spanish for "Shadow."

She is also known as the Queen of Shadows.

Her birthdate is October 31st, 1999.

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