​Sleepless in Holly's Puppy Pound/Puppets, Lies, and Videotape is a fan-made episode written by CartoonLover, Rigsrigsrigs10918, Disneydude15 and Magic-is-cute.


Igor and the gang try to find some way to cure Vigor's Insomnia. / Whopper and Bright Eyes create puppets for the gang, but things spiral out of control when the gang blurt out secrets impulsively.


Act 1: Sleepless in Holly's Puppy Pound

Part 1

Igor: (Narrating as we zoom in to the inside of Vigor's Puphouse.) July 25, for the 5th day in a row, my brother was having trouble with having to sleep...

(Vigor is seen pacing around the room. He then groans.)

Vigor: (Loudly) What's the use? I'll never get some sleep!

Igor(groaning): Vigor, you woke me up.

(Everyone else enters.)

Cooler: You've been groaning for five days every night. What's the matter, Viggy?

Vigor: Five days ago, I saw a movie called "Arkansas Hacksaw Killings" while channel surfing and got spooked by it.

(Marcus shakes his head in disapproval.)

Marcus: Well, that's what horror movies do to you, soldier. One minute, you get a little curious. The next thing you know, you'd have nightmare fuel for life.

(Marcus eats a handful of jelly beans.)

Marcus: You know what I mean, Vigor?

Vigor: No. I don't get nightmares. I mean that I keep thinking about other things.

Igor: Like how scary that movie was?

Vigor: PG level.

Beamer: But, Vigor, I thought you said that you got spooked by that movie. Besides, Arkansas Hacksaw Killings was rated R.

Vigor: It was the anemic version. Besides, when seen on TV, some scenes would be cut out.

Bright Eyes: What's anemic?

Vigor: Anemic means bloodless.

Bright Eyes: Oh. Well, if you weren't thinking about that movie, what kind of thoughts were you having, Viggy?

Vigor: To be honest, I don't know.

Nose Marie: Maybe we can help you sleep again.

Vigor: How can you?

Marcus: Well, whenever Momo cries in his sleep, I sing a lullaby to help him sleep. Like this....

(Marcus clears his throat.)

Marcus: (Singing) Good night, good night, little pup, little pup, tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day, little pup, little pup.

(Momo falls asleep. Marcus cradles him like a baby.)

Marcus: Well, try singing that lullaby.

Vigor: Okay.

(Vigor sings the lullaby, but ends up making Igor fall asleep.)

Vigor: Nuts! I made Igor fall asleep instead of myself!

Cooler: Hmmm...

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