Slaughtina is Captain Slaughter's daughter.

Slaughtina 2
Slaughtina, on the right.


12 years old


Her father


Puppies, Kittens, Brattina, Holly


Captain Slaughter (Father)
Angel-Killina (Cousin)
Heater and Polly (Henchmen)


Slaughtina has long, brown hair and bears a somewhat resemblance to Holly during Season 2. She wears a light blue uniform, a blue shirt, a light blue captain's cap, purple gloves, a lavender skirt, lavender socks and gray shoes. Slaughtina also wears lavender lipstick. She has red eyes, just like her father.


Unlike Holly, Slaughtina is cold and calculating. However, she is as equally as evil as her father. She obeys her father's orders and never talks back to him. Slaughtina shows no remorse to those who fall victim to Captain Slaughter's wrath. She bears a strong hatred against Brattina.


While her father has incredible strength, Slaughtina is intelligent. She has the IQ of 301, which surpasses even Howler and Vigor. She is also skilled with technology. She was able to make clones of Cooler and Holly and dubbed them Heater and Polly.



The first design for Slaughtina

Slaughtina is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Kangaleo007.
Miss Slaughter

The second design for Slaughtina

There are two designs for Slaughtina. In the first design, she originally had a Chinese mask on to hide her identity and a sword. In the second design,  she was originally supposed to have a close resemblance to Brattina.

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