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Short Tail is one of the newest members of the Pound Purries.

Short Tail
Short Tail
Little Short Tail


7 Human Years Old(0.5 Cat Years Old)


Playing board games with Whopper and Bright Eyes




Bright Eyes(Best Friend)
Whopper(Best Friend)
Katrina Stoneheart(enemy)


Short Tail is a Birman cat with light brown fur, brown markings on his eyes, white toes, and a short tail, hench his namesake. He wears a blue shirt with a purple shirt collar. Short Tail also has blue eyes and brown hair.


Short Tail is very friendly toward the Pound Puppies, especially Whopper and Bright Eyes. He has a strong dislike against Katrina Stoneheart. Short Tail finds Dumbo amusing and doesn't mind his stupidity.


Short Tail is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 

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