Shiawase and Yorokobi are the descendants of Saffron.

Shiawase and Yorokobi
Shiawase and Yorokobi
Shiawase and Yorokobi, Saffron's descendants


14 dog years old each


Sports, salami sandwiches


Boredom, cucumbers, tea


Saffron, Rusty, Lucy, Ichiko, Naoto, and Scruffles(Ancestors)
Bjorn, Steppenwolf, Venus, Derek, Ima, Antha, Jayden Jr., Jorge, Verde, Zara, Fritz, Yai, and Ethel(Friends)

Full Name

Shiawase Sasaki and Yorokibi Sasaki


July 28th, 2875


Shiawase and Yorokobi are Plott Hound/Samoyed puppies. Shiawase has white fur, bushy ears and a small tail. She wears a gray kimono with baseball designs on it and a blue flower. She also has short, dark hair, sharp teeth and sharp claws on her toes. Yorokobi has tan fur and a bushy tail. He wears a white kimono with purple circle designs and sometimes a blue baseball cap. He has long, dark hair, tufts on his cheeks and sharp claws on his toes. Each of them are a little taller than Igor.


Like most twins, Shiawase and Yorokobi act alike and talk alike. The only difference is that Shiawase loves playing baseball and soccer while Yorokobi loves to swim and play football. Both puppies are playful, jolly, imaginative and friendly. While Shiawase is allergic to cucumbers, Yorokobi is allergic to tea. Both enjoy eating salami sandwiches, ice cream and tacos. Shiawase speaks in a mezzo-soprano voice and Yorokobi speaks in a tenor voice.


Shiawase is a great baseball and soccer player and can play the bongos while Yorokobi is a professional swimmer and football player and can play the xylophone. They are also good singers.


Shiawase and Yorokobi are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Shiawase and Yorokobi are from Tokyo, Japan and grew up in Waukegan, Illinois.

Shiawase's name is Japanese for "Happiness" and Yorokobi's name is Japanese for "Joy", which is ironic because Saffron's nickname, Kanashimi, is Japanese for "Sorrow".

Their full names are Shiawase and Yorokobi Sasaki.

They are the descendants of Saffron and Scruffles.

During their timeline, their ancestor, Saffron, became a legendary softball player and guitarist in the year 2891.

Their birthday is July 28th, 2875.

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