Serenity is a mink who is Brawly's girlfriend.

Serenity, the hippie mink


20 years old


Peace, Brawly, planting flowers, yoga, salad


Violence, flower puns, eating meat on Mondays


Cooler, Elaine, Momo, and Rosy(Friends)

Full Name

Erika Sasaki


Summer Time Serenity

Serenity during the summer

Serenity is a mink with orange fur, a pink nose, long tufts on her cheeks, and slightly large feet. Serenity wears a yellow dress shirt, a red vest, a grass skirt, black shorts, a green ring on her toe, green sunglasses, and a blue headband. She also has pink claws on her toes, light blue eyes and a rose in her red hair. She is the same height as Elaine. During the summer, Serenity wears an yellow jumpsuit with a daisy design on it. When she goes to sleep, she wears a red dress.


As her name suggests, Serenity believes in peace and never lashes out at others over even the tiniest things. She has a crush on Brawly and understands about Brawly trying his best to control his temper. She is also very intelligent and always comes up with solutions to solve her friends' problems with peace. She usually spends her time planting flowers, mowing the lawn or practicing yoga. She is good friends with Cooler, Elaine, Momo, and Rosy. She also has good taste in music and films. Serenity cannot stand flower puns, calling them lame and "totally outdated". Her favorite food is salad. While she prefers to not eat meat every Monday, she does respect her friends' dietary choices. She is very quiet when she sleeps. She also loves to teach others yoga.


Serenity is very flexible. She is also good at inventing toxic-free fertilizer for her plants. She can also play the bongos and the harp. She is also a good cook. Serenity is known for her talented dancing and yoga teaching.


Serenity is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Serenity hails from Tokyo, Japan

Because of her hippie-like exterior, she is the second mink to not wear footwear.

Her full name is Erika Sasaki. Although she and Saffron have the same last name, they are not related.

She is the seventh mink to not join the Mink Gang. She is also the fifth mink to have different fur color.

She is the second mink to not have tacos as her favorite food.

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