Sen Sen was the leader of the Unlucky Thirteen and the commander of the CatRaizers.

Sen Sen
New Sen Sen
"Sen Sen, the intelligent leader of the CatRaizers"


9 human years old(Reformed)
37 human years old


Giving orders(formerly), his master(formerly), tuna melts


Failure and weaklings(Formerly), dogs(formerly), Tai Bo's habit


Catgut Jr.(Ancestor)
Stefan, Pan, Amster, Hayate, Pablo, Georgia, Rosa, Franco, Rufus, Rita, Tai Bo, and Brass(Former Henchmen)
Emperor Robin Murgatroyd(Formerly Master)


"CatRaizer Sequoia"
Sensei Sen Sen


October 13th, 2190(original birthdate)
October 13th, 1978(current birthdate)


Sen Sen is a Siamese cat with tan fur, tan ears, a brown marking on his face, and black feet. He wears an orange and red Chinese jacket, blue shorts and a purple derby. He also has short, dark hair. He is the same height as Gamma.

After he reformed and became a kitten, he started wearing glasses. He was also taller than Igor. After he was affected by Howler's Auto-Ager, Sen Sen gained his original height and age.


As the leader of the Unlucky Thirteen, Sen Sen has high responsibility and doesn't tolerate failure. He was very loyal to his master, Emperor Murgatroyd. He is the most intelligent member of the group. He also had no tolerance for those he considers weak. Sen Sen is easily annoyed by Tai Bo's habit of saying "Hya", "Ora" and "Kiya", not to mention Tai Bo's eating habits. After reforming, he often helps Howler with his inventions. Sen Sen also developed a special bond with his new owner, Tony, as well as Tai Bo. His favorite food is vanilla ice cream.


Not only is Sen Sen the brains of the group, he is also a wizard at kung fu. He can also predict his enemies' actions. Sen Sen can play the violin. Like Tai Bo, Sen Sen is a skilled professional at making ice sculptures.


Sen Sen is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from an alley at Taipei, Taiwan.

His CatRaizer name is "CatRaizer Sequoia."

His birthday is October 13th, 2131. In the present, his birthdate would have been October 13, 1978.

His full name is Sen Sen Dao.


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