Scruffles and Truffles are two twin dogs that join the Pound Puppies and are Saffron and Yakima's spouses. 

Scruffles and Truffles
New Scruffles and Truffles
"Scruffles and his twin sister Truffles"


19 dog years old each
16 dog years old each(Three years ago)


Karate, sports, balls(Scruffles)
Cooking, puzzles, reading(Truffles)


Being separated, Kaptain Kid


Saffron(Scruffles' girlfriend)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Yakima(Truffles' boyfriend)
Bright Eyes(Friend)

Full Names

Scruffles and Truffles Douglass


May 11th, 1996


Scruffles and Truffles are beagle/border terrier mixes with shaggy brown fur, white muzzles, tufts on their cheeks, and white feet. They both have green eyes. Scruffles wears a white shirt and orange pants. He also has small orange claws on his toes. Truffles wears a purple shirt and pink leopard spotted pants. She also has small light purple claws on her toes and long light brown hair. Scruffles wears a red collar and Truffles wears a purple collar. They are both slightly shorter than Howler. After three years, Scruffles started wearing a yellow leather jacket with an orange dot on the back while Truffles started wearing a green sweater with a white dot on it.


Scruffles likes sports and martial arts whille Truffles likes reading books and cooking. They very close to each other and spend time around each other a lot. They are both good friends with Bright Eyes and Cooler. Truffles likes to work puzzles. Scruffles likes to play with balls. Scruffles had a crush on Sapphire, while Truffles had a crush on Salem, although Sappire and Salem never noticed because they are not interensted in romance. Instead, Truffles fell in love with Yakima and Scruffles fell in love with Kanashimi. Scruffles and Truffles each hold a strong dislike against Kaptain Kid. At times, Scruffles is not afraid to defend his friends whenever he thinks that they get scolded for little to no reason.


While Scruffles masters karate and is a professional basketball player, Truffles is a good cook. Each of them are gifted with Puppy Power. Truffles has also taken up cheerleading. Each of them are talented dancing partners.



Scruffles and Truffles are fan made characters created by Magic-is-cute.

Their full names are Scruffles and Truffles McDoon.

They each hail from Thornton, Illinois.

Their birthdate is May 11th, 1996.

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