Scout is an old friend of John.

Scout, John's good friend


17 dog years old


Planting crops, knitting


Food jokes


John(Best Friend)
Rusty, Lucy and Jacey(Best Friends)
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson(Owners)

Full Name

Scout Murray


Scout is an irish setter/collie mix with tan fur, a black marking around his face, and bushy red ears. He wears a white shirt, blue overalls, and a brown cap. When he takes off his cap, he reveals short dark hair. He is the same height as Holly.


Scout is considerate and patient, although he doesn't tolerate when someone is picking on his friends. Like John, he enjoys watching westerns. He is a loyal member of the farm division and enjoys planting crops and flowers. In his spare time, Scout enjoys knitting. He speaks in a hillbilly acent. Scout has a strong dislike for food jokes. He is not annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Like John, he also has a habit of wiggling his toes. He is good friends with Rusty, Lucy, and Jacey.


Scout is a good singer. He is also a formidable boxer. He can also play the guitar.


Scout is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

Scout hails from Mount Carroll, Illinois.

His full name is Scout Murray.

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