Scaly is a Mink who is the older sister of Wally.

Scaly 2
Scaly, the underwater mink


17 years old


Swimming, scuba diving, her brothers, tacos with ranch sauce


Water puns, practical jokes


Wally and Brawly(Brothers)
Paku Paku and Elaine(Best friends)


Scaly is a mink with aqua fur, a pink noses, tufts on her cheeks, and white ears. She wears a green and purple swimsuit, pink swimming fins, white gloves, a yellow swimming cap, and a red goggles. When she takes off her cap and fins, she reveals her long, dark hair and large feet with orange claws on her toes. She also has yellow eyes and sharp teeth. She is the same height as TJ. She sometimes wears her swimming fins even when she's at the beach and during the summer. When she goes to sleep, she wears a green shirt and purple pants.


Scaly enjoys swimming and scuba diving. She is fascinated with marine life and discovering hidden treasure. Despite her curious exterior, she shows her caring nature towards her brothers and her cousin. She is not fond of practical jokes nor is she fond of puns involving water. Her favorite author is Jules Verne. She is best friends with Paku Paku and Elaine. Her favorite food is tacos with ranch sauce.


Scaly has the ability to breathe underwater. While training under Gamma, she is practicing kick-boxing. Her legs and large feet boosts her ability to swim faster and she can also play the harp and bongos. Her flexibility knows no bounds.



Scaly is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Her full name is Serena Camille Gilbert.

Like her brothers, Scaly is from Richmond, Virginia.

She is the fifth mink to not join the Mink Gang. She is also the third mink to have a different fur color.

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