Sasha is a snow leopard who hails from the Snow Leopard Tribe.

Sasha, the gifted snow leopard


17 years old


Helping injured patients, horticulture


Ice and food puns


Frost Bite(Younger brother)
Winter Mist and Ice Cap(Best Friends)
Slushy, Padmi, Jojo, and Petite(Assistants)


Sasha is a snow leopard with white fur and spots on her fur and slightly large feet. She wears shirt that is white on the left side and pink on the right, red and green striped pants, a white scarf, and a yellow bow.  She also has blue eyes, long, black hair, and sharp claws on her toes. She is the same height as Elaine. During the summer, Sasha wears a purple swimsuit.


Sasha cares about the environment and often helps Vigor and Mikey. She has a vast knowledge about biology and horticulture. Sarah does not tolerate ice puns and food puns because "only immature creatures use those puns". She is good friends with Elaine, Slushy, Jojo, Petite, and Padmi. She gets along with her younger brother, Frost Bite.


Sasha is training to become a veterinarian. Her fur can withstand even the highest temperatures and the lowest temperatures. She is also a wizard at kung fu. She also has the ability to do most activities with her feet. She can do a handstand for six weeks.


Sasha is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She hails from her village located in the Himalayan Mountain range.

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