Sapphire and Salem are Veronica's pet dogs.

Sapphire and Salem
New Sapphire and Salem
Sapphire and Salem, Veronica's twin pets


17 dog years old each
14 dog years old each(2 human years old)(Three years ago)


Playing football(Salem), watching and review movies(Sapphire), Gordon(Sapphire)


Villains(Both), bad movies, stage fright, interruption during reviews(Salem)


Templeton Catscratch(Adopted brother)
Gordon(Sapphire's best friend)
Lassie McTerrier(Salem's Best Friend)


Holy Dog Biscuits!(Sapphire)


Sapphy(By Sapphire's friends)
Sal(By Salem's friends)


Sapphire and Salem are twin Alaskan Huskies with black fur and white paws each. Sapphire wears a purple shirt wih blue cuffs and a yellow skirt. Salem wears an orange shirt with red cuffs and gray pants. They each have blue eyes and have light blue hair. Sapphire keeps her hair in a pony-tail. Salem's hair is shorter than his sister's. Salem is slightly taller than Sapphire. After three years, Sapphire started wearing yellow pants and a white scarf while Salem started wearing black shorts and a red headband.


Sapphire is serene and gentle. She loves watching movies and reviewing them. She is also good friends with Gordon. Salem is laid-back, smart, and charismatic. He is good friends with McWhiskers and Beamer. He loves playing basketball. While Sapphire finds Dumbo's antics funny, Salem is easily annoyed by Dumbo. Sapphire and Salem are huge fans of Gordon's show. Whenever Sapphire hears or sees something shocking, she shouts "Holy Dog Biscuits!". Her taste in movies eventually landed her as a co-star on Gordon's show. Salem is friends with Lassie McTerrier, which caused Drumstick to think he had a crush on her, but Salem never had any romanic interest is her. She enjoys reviewing movies with Gordon on their show and often thinks of him as her little brother. Whenever Salem goes on stage, he gets a severe case of stage fright. Salem is also sensitive about his opinions on movies he watched and doesn't like to be interrupted. Sapphire's favorite actors are Mutt Damon and Tom Shanks.


Sapphire is good at journalism and Salem is a good basketball player. While Sapphire can play the bass, Salem can play the guitar. Sapphire has been training under Gamma to master kung fu. Salem is also a very good cook.


Sapphire and Salem are fan-made characters created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Their full names are Sapphire and Salem Trueblood.

Along with Veronica, they were from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Their birthday is November 4th, 1998.

According to Salem, Gardenio and Rubiet was the worst film he has ever seen.


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