Samuel Quentin is a one time character and the secondary antagonist of Bright Eyes, Come Home.

Samuel Quentin
HNI 0024
Samuel Quentin in Bright Eyes, Come Home

Presumed Age

34 Years Old


Money, Jewelry, Tricking and Framing Others




Quick-Fingers Quentin

Voice Actor

Barry Dennon


Samuel Quentin has short black hair. He is usually seen wearing lavender sunglasses with black shades, a white jacket, a red shirt, a pink tie, white pants, and black shoes.


Samuel Quentin is a con man. He is devious and tricky, as well as greedy. He was hired by Katrina Stoneheart in a plot to shut down Holly's Puppy Pound. He was able to trick Holly and the Pound Puppies into thinking that he is a famous movie director from Hollywood. He also tricked Bright Eyes into stealing jewelry.


Samuel Quentin is known for tricking others into doing the dirty work for him.


Samuel Quentin is neither mentioned nor seen again for the remainder of the TV Series.

Samuel Quentin is the first character to take advantage of Bright Eyes' naive nature; the second was Toots.