Salt and Pepper are the biological parents of Spice.

Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper, Sugar and Spice's parents


Salt: 52 human years old
Pepper: 50 human years old


Their children, Cary, Celia


Those trying to hurt their kittens


Cary and Celia(Best Friends)



Magic-is-cute's version of Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper are American Short hair cats with tan fur and white feet. Salt wears a brown overcoat, green pants and red socks with holes for his toes while Pepper wears a pink and red striped shirt, yellow shorts and a ring on her toe. They each have brown hair, orange eyes and blue claws on their toes.


Salt and Pepper have shown kindness toward their kittens as well as their friends. They each have high intelligence, although Salt is absent-minded. They are childhood friends of Cary and Celia. Salt and Pepper are not afraid to protect their children from danger.


Salt and Pepper are talented actors and singers. Like her son, Spice, Pepper can do most activities with her feet.


Salt and Pepper are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like their children, Salt and Pepper hail from Olympia, Washington.

Their full names are Salt and Pepper O'Hara.

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